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At Accessible Madrid we are travel specialists who understand the set backs of a physical condition in achieving travel dreams. We organize FAM Trips throughout Spain showcasing the accessibility in different destinations, specifically in Madrid and the neighboring area. FAM Trip is a short name for “Familiarisation Trip”. Our FAM trips are extremely well organised so that agents and governments have the opportunity to get involved with procedures and the best practices for accessible tourism, whilst also taking in the sights and attractions of the region in which they are staying.

The institutions also benefit from FAM trips focused on Accessible Tourism as agents get a lot more out of a visit than a website. Travel Agents can ask questions, taste the lunch or dinner options that their clients would experience, meet the local representatives at accessible tourism public institutions, do specific training on accessible tourism in good practices and just generally take in every little detail. The agents learn on these kind of trips that accessibility means bearing in mind the needs of the whole population, not just people with disabilities but families with children, carrying trolleys, bags, and experiencing special needs at different moments of life.

All this will enable travel agents from other countries to see firsthand exactly what goes on and giving them a genuine feel for the place so you can recommend it to your customers.

Spain welcomes over 68 million international tourists a year and tourist activity accounts for 11% of GDP. The current tourism trends observed an increasingly sophisticated system of supply and demand with the presence of older tourists and an increasing demand for quality. Madrid is a top tourist destination welcoming more than 11 million visitors a year. The city offers everything from art and culture to leisure and sports, as well as restaurants, shops and green spaces. There are so many places to go, so many things to do… And the city continues to improve its accessibility provisions so that all visitors can make the most of their trip to the Spanish capital.

How do our Accessible FAM Trips work?
Usually these trips last for 4 or 5 days depending usually on your needs and interests and the size of the group visiting. We take care of the transfers, accommodation, cultural visits, training, meetings with accessible tourism representatives (e.g. public institutions and wheelchair user associations), press releases, restaurants, etc.

For agents focusing on accessible tourism starting out, fam trips are one of the best ways to become more proficient in the field. Not only do fam trips allow destination and vendor training, but also broadens the view of the ins and outs of traveling in general. The more an agent travels, the more knowledgeable they gain about the travel industry. Early on, it is a perfect opportunity for an agent to begin learning about any specialty interest they want to become involved in selling, so learning can be geared toward clients with specific mobility requirements.

Many lasting relationships have been built between agents and governments as a result of these FAM trips focussed on Accessible Tourism.

If you are interested in organising an Accessible Spanish FAM Trip do not hesitate to contact us at or +34694473663. We will be happy to organise your FAM trip in due detail.

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